Ectopic Ureters In Dogs: A Congenital Abnormality That Causes Incessant Dribbling

Incontinence in dogs can be caused by numerous diseases, disorders, and defects. However, if you have a female puppy that has been dribbling since birth, they may be suffering from a congenital birth defect called ectopic ureters. In this condition, the tubes that are supposed to direct urine from the kidneys into the bladder are in the wrong position, causing urine to leak straight out the urethra. Dogs with this condition cannot hold their bladder at all. [Read More]

Supplementing Your Dog's Agility Training With Hydrotherapy

If you already enjoy the rewarding and challenging sport of canine agility, you are probably always looking for safe and fun new ways to boost your dog's performance. Besides consistent training and vet appointments, there are also alternative pet therapies available to help your dog stay fit, healthy and interested in work. Hydrotherapy is one of the most popular options for agility dogs, using pools and specialized equipment to keep your pet moving without stressing joints or risking injury in the process. [Read More]

Three Things Parrot Owners Need To Know About Candidiasis

Your pet parrots can develop a number of health problems over the course of their lifetimes, including yeast infections like candidiasis. Here are four things parrot owners need to know about candidiasis. How do parrots get candidiasis? Candidiasis is caused by Candida albicans, a type of fungi that is also known as yeast. C. albicans is naturally present in your birds' digestive tracts and is a normal part of their gut flora. [Read More]

Keeping Your Dog Safe From Snakebite

Spring is often a time when many animals become more active or come out of hibernation. Some of these animals are rattlesnakes and they can pose a serious problem for your dog if you're not prepared. Even if you live in the city, rattlesnakes may be present around your home or neighborhood park. Generally, they try to remain hidden and aren't aggressive, but if they are startled or feel threatened, they can strike out and bite and cause injury or death to your pet. [Read More]