Preventing Cat Sunburns

Seeing a kitty soaking up a puddle of sunshine is one of the pleasures of being a cat owner. However, that sunshine can actually harm your cat if they're exposed to it too often or for too long. Read this guide to learn whether your cat is at risk of sun damage and for tips on what you can do to prevent it. Cats and Sunburns Believe it or not, cats can actually develop sunburns if they stay outdoors in the sunlight for too long. [Read More]

Two Things You Must Do To Protect Your Pet's Health

Every pet owner knows about the importance of taking proper care of their pet. Regular vaccinations, preventive medicine, a good diet, and lots of love are mandatory to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy. However, good health goes beyond just the basics. There are two major things you should be doing right now to ensure the good health and longevity of your pet so you can have your furry friend by your side as long as possible. [Read More]

Is Feline Asthma Treatable?

Asthma is not just a condition that impacts humans. Cats can also suffer from it. With proper treatment, you can help your cat stay in good health. If your cat is showing any symptoms of feline asthma, here is what you need to know. What Are the Symptoms of Feline Asthma? Feline asthma can result from a number of causes, including smoking or a lung infection. Sometimes it is not possible to pinpoint the exact cause. [Read More]

Zoonosis: Four Ways Your Pet's Health Could Affect Yours

Owning a companion animal has been shown to reduce stress, hypertension, and heart disease and generally enhance our lives. However, they do present some dangers as well. Pets can carry diseases and parasites that can be passed to humans. The key to your family's safety is to educate yourself about these diseases, called zoonoses, and how to protect your pets and yourselves. Rabies Of all zoonotic diseases, rabies is the most deadly. [Read More]